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Terms Of Service



The Website may contain unintensional or misprints. is the third party service that provided exchange service in india . improvement or under construction or change in products service and percentage price described in website an any without notice.changes are done by website owner team.




All marks and name mentioned on website are trademarks of their respective companies.



Expect where otherwise specified,the contents of the website are copyright © 2018-2020 walletstowallets. all Rights Reserved.

Privancy Policy :


At walletstowallets, your security and privancy is almost importance to us . we take the the following steps to protect your personal imformation

Refund policy :


If website user want to return money in priod of give time in website user need to contact our help no. or messanger or contact us by website with given some of screenshots and filling data proof on website when user place a order on website. our team contact within 3 hour with refundable user who want to return money but only working priod time refund possible.

Transaction Policy:

when user submit a request for any exchange. the transaction complete in within a hour in some cases may be 12 hours . if user any problem to any transaction user contact with our team by messanger or contact on by email or call any methord contact user want . for clearication of transaction user need to give screenshots to our team to track your requests.

Cookies :

Walletstowallets store some cookies to your hard disk to make a best porformance in our website .

Website Limits:


Deposit limit - 4000 Inr max

Withdraw Limit- 10000 inr max

For whatsapp User:

If user Placed a order using whatsapp methord. the user recieved money in paytm or upi in one time​ or by part trasfer Or Third-Party using p2p users.

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