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How to deposit money in moneybookers or neteller by using walletstowallets

Step- 1

Open your browser mobile/pc search walletstowallets on google/yahoo or any other browser.and click walletstowallets to entre the website.

walletstowallets first step.png

Step- 2

You choose any of deposit methords like google pay,bank or paytm to deposit money in money bookers . if u choose paytm then ckick paytm button.

walletstowallets 2nd step.png

Step- 3

on next page you fill your data and submit.

walletstowallets 3.png

Step- 4

After submitting form you need to contact our whatsapp no. for paying money and processing your filling form data form.

walletstowallets 4.png

After paying your transaction complete within 10m to 1hour may be 12 hour in some cases when service worked slow.

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